Update re Python in PDX

Kirby Urner kirby.urner at computer.org
Fri Jan 20 14:54:36 EST 2006

So this'll be quick as I'm in the queue for a hair doctor appointment (maybe
go purple this week?  Just kidding).

I showed 'em 'Warriors of the Net' this meeting, a brilliant little
animation about the workings of the intranets vis-à-vis the Internet,
complete with proxy server, quite a few routers and switches, lots of
traffic -- a pretty realistic simulation for young imaginations.  A lot of
credit goes to the narration, which I've so far only heard in English.  

We used this out of HPD as well, so it's not like we haven't field tested.
I'm mostly just clicking in "known quantity" curriculum components that I've
prototyped elsewhere.  The experiments have to do with synergy, not
debugging the individual pieces, which are already known to work.

Also, I'm sharing this curriculum through a Foundation in South Africa, in
partnership with Logo and Squeak folks.  The sequence will be Logo, then
Squeak, then Python for the older kids.  The pedagogical method is peer to
peer -- not often successful, but when it flies it really flies.  Anyway,
I'm looking forward to seeing how this goes.

OK, I said I'd keep it short.  Best wishes on these other projects we've
been hearing about.  I think your conference in Texas should be interesting
-- and no, I don't think I'll be there.  Look for me at Europython @ CERN.


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