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I meant to add:  about the post-presentation postmortem session, where I
talked with peers about how it went.  

I shared my view that, in the early days of computers, the first hardware
platform we'd start talking about, is the CPU, RAM, the bus and the rest of
it, or the registers, their addresses, the pointer stuff -- all very low

But that in *this* day and age, probably the first hardware to dissect is
the communications network, at the various levels of the stack -- tcp/ip
over ethernet typically. 

'Warriors of the Net' doesn't get to specific about the different hardware
media, their varying frame rates and like that -- it's just for openers, an
appetizer, not a complete course.  Remember, this is just CS0 stuff, here
being shared with 8th graders (it's like k|5e|3m|4h|4c here in Oregon, with
8th mapping to 3m (third year middle school)).


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I showed 'em 'Warriors of the Net' this meeting, a brilliant little
animation about the workings of the intranets vis-à-vis the Internet,
complete with proxy server, quite a few routers and switches, lots of
traffic -- a pretty realistic simulation for young imaginations.  A lot of
credit goes to the narration, which I've so far only heard in English.  


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