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>        - Relative to the burst of traffic that triggered the original idea, several respondents (I haven't counted exactly) noted that contributors to a list such as this should be judicious about recognizing when a discussion has narrowed itself down to a small set of participants and can be taken private (perhaps with a synopsis posted to the whole list at the end).

I'd like to report on an interesting off-list synchronous meetup,
organized by Maria Droujkova, which I've blogged about here (briefly,
don't worry):  (click
screen shots for blowups)

The post includes a link to Maria's web site, where a full recording
may be found.


>        At this point, I think it's best to keep a single math-thinking mailing list for all math-and-CS discussions. Thanks to everyone who commented on the issue, and more comments are always welcome if people want.
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