Common core state standards for mathematics

Litvin litvin at
Tue Mar 16 15:05:32 EDT 2010

Have people looked at the draft released a few days ago by the national 
panel?  They say 48 states agreed to adopt 
it (Texas and Alaska are the holdouts.)  It does mention discrete 
mathematics... in exactly one sentence: "Other forms of advanced work are 
possible (for example in discrete mathematics or advanced statistics) and 
can be eventually added to the standards."  If not for this sentence, one 
might think this draft was written before Turing was born.  This is a step 
back from NCTM standards of a dozen years ago, where discsrete math merited 
a whole paragraph.  This standards draft also mentions computational, in 
exactly one sentence: "A graphing utility or a CAS can be used to 
experiment with properties of the functions and their graphs and to build 
computational models of functions, including recursively defined functions."

Seems like one more missed opportunity...

BTW, can someone tell me what they mean by "building computational models 
of functions"?

Gary Litvin

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