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> Thanks hugely for the Pyret link Emmanuel!
> It’s my pleasure, Kirby! For those on the thread who want to know more
> about uniquely algebraic approach to programming and how it shapes
> mathematical thinking, here’s an announcement you might want to share:
> In other news, I’m pleased to announce that Bootstrap has partnered with
> the Math Forum at NCTM to offer a 3-day Bootstrap workshop for math and
> computer science teachers! Thanks to the support of our donors, this
> workshop is open to *all*, and the registration fee is only $50. This fee
> covers 3 days of PD, materials for teachers, and coffee and lunch all three
> days.
> Follow the links to find out more about Bootstrap (
>, or to register for the workshop (
> Registrations are handled on a first-come, first-served basis.
> Emmanuel Schanzer
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> Bootstrap Program Director
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That's good news about the Math Forum Emmanuel.  I have some work saved
there, beyond just the usual listserv postings (I frequented math-teach for
some years).

Here's a page on Quadray Coordinates, which I use with Oregon math teachers
just to stir the pot a bit, as a programming challenge (on Github I
implement quadrays in Clojure):

I look forward to learning from Bootstrap, about how you network with
teachers.  Our #CodeCastle approach is to designate important watering
holes, such as PDX Code Guild [1], where math teachers are encouraged to
show up and hobnob, nothing to formal at first, as we need to learn of
their needs ("we" being Silicon Forest, many software shops e.g. New Relic,
Urban Airship, Puppet... OSCON sponsors, most of 'em).

A good Coffee Shop with WiFi and maybe some semi-private meeting rooms with
bigger screens is excellent natural ground, already pioneered by
FreeCodeCamp (Quincy Larson et al).  IRC / Slack or other real time "help
each other" channel is important i.e. let the math teachers teach each
other, even as they work through my syllabus, or that of another industry
"thought leader" :-D.

We setting up such a Coffee Shop at at a new #CodeCastle site in the
basement of a local Community Center in the Sunnyside neighborhood adjacent
to a public school.  Pirates and Castles go together (dragons also), so I
expect synergy with Pyret down the road, along with other LISPs such as Hy).


(currently we get more high school students than teachers and that makes
sense, need to work harder to get the word out that Silicon Forest actually
cares about high school math:

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